Work the Grapevine or Die on It!



He said they tried salesmen, call centers, but they had not been able to sustain any real growth. They were over looking the obvious… People did not who they were and what their story was.

After several emails back and forth with a prospective new client, I finally asked him if they were using social media and if they had any relationships with contractors, insurance agents, or realtors. They the answer I got back was no, no social media, and no relationships. They were a company in the home security business, sales and installation. And, they did have any of these in play.

You have to work the grapevine or you will die on the vine. They had tried the old conventional ways of getting into homes. But, what they did not understand apparently is that people live in these homes. People who use the internet and people who talk to each other and who do business with each other and more importantly – refer each other.

If you own a wine shop for instance, you may want to know – florists, restaurants, people who are in the chocolate business, caterers, other people who have anything remotely to do with the product or service that you are involved with. It just goes without saying, well I just said it.

If you are a leather shop you may need to refer customers to another leather shop that does alterations, who carry biker coats, and chaps and products that you don’t. I am pretty sure that they will refer customers to you because you sell the more fashion forward colors and styles. This is how this works. You have to know people.

You may have the best dang widget or thingy, but unless people know about it, it will not sell it. Expand your circle of friends and associates and you expand your circle of influence. This is called leverage. You take what you have to help lift something you want to move. A rising tide does lift all boats. The more people you know the more people you know will know you.

Make friends and influence people. Don’t die on the vine, make it work for you.

Jeff Turnbull


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